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Dean Tellone

Professional Overview

About Dean Tellone

Dean Tellone, aka Dino, is a financial professional based in Anaheim, California. Mr. Tellone founded Tellone Financial Services in 1975. He still acts as the President and CEO, and his involvement has helped revolutionize the company over the years. 

Formal education is the foundation of many financial careers, and Dean Tellone’s history is no exception. Dean attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1971 with a degree in Business Administration. He followed this education with a Master’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona. Other relevant education and certifications include the Series 2 – Non-Member General Securities Exam (passed in 1985). Mr. Tellone successfully completed the requirements to become an Enrolled Agent (EA). This means he can legally represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.

Upon graduation, Dean Tellone landed his first financial position at Teledyne Corporate Offices, Century City, California. He acted as a Financial Analyst for a time before joining their auditing department two years later. With time and hard work, Dean Tellone worked his way up the corporate ladder, finally becoming Director of Finance and Administration. This put him in charge of six departments. All of which gave him the experience and confidence necessary to start his venture. 

After twelve insightful years, Dean Tellone said goodbye to Teledyne. It was time to pursue his dream – the foundation of Tellone Financial Services. Tellone Financial Services offers financial planning services for homeowners, including estate planning, retirement planning, accounting, taxes, and foreclosure alternatives. The company is a testament to Dean’s understanding of the financial industry. It manages over two hundred million dollars in mortgage funds and has been doing mortgages and private lending for 40 years. 

Tellone Financial Services started small, residing in a local commercial building. Over time, Dean Tellone successfully helped his business grow. In 1986 he moved to incorporate the company, making it Tellone Financial Services, Inc. A few years later, in 1992, the company was large enough to justify purchasing an entire complex of buildings. The company has been there ever since. One of the first things Dean learned while running the business is that employees can make or break a company. As such, he has spent time and money investing in the best employees for his company. Some of his recruitments have been with Tellone for over twenty-five years. 

When Dean Tellone isn’t busy thinking about finances or his company, he enjoys spending time on his passion projects. For example, he recently built a gym inside his building. This was an interesting new venture for him, with many clear benefits. Dean is dedicated to his health and fitness – and it shows. His favorite form of exercise is running. 

Another passion of Dean’s is music. He used to play in a band as a hobby. Curious readers can find recordings of his music online. To this day, he still loves to sing and play the piano. It is unlikely that this will ever change.

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